Mobile Spray Painting, Fairing and finishing Services
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    Yacht Finishing Services

    Our skilled & experienced marine fairing and painting teams work all over Europe. Team members with over 15 years of work-experience in painting and fairing luxury mega yachts to a very high standards.

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    Finishing Contractors

    Preparation of surfaces to highest specifications. Vinyl coating, airless spray coating & manual coating to perfection standard. Traditional long boarding & hand fairing techniques to produce highest quality finishes.

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    GRP & Carbon Laminating

    Specialist team for any of your GRP & CARBON composite needs. Experience in applying lacquers and waxes. Trimming & finishing components such as Hulls, Decks, components and Superstructures. Skilled & hard-working!

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    Paint Spraying

    Application of coatings and protective finishes to super-yachts, vessesls and trains. Experienced, mobile and skilled paint sprayers.

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    Industrial Painting

    Team members with experience in painting turbines, Pipe coating, coating of tanks, sandblasting and corrosion treatment.

  • Rolling Stock Painters

    Teams with experience in paint spraying of large vehicles to high standards. Work experience in Germany and Netherlands

Experts in fairing and painting aluminium, metal, GRP and carbon surfaces.