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Experienced & skilled Painting and Finishing Contractors
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Based in Greece and the UK, Universe Yachting has a mobile workfoce of skilled painters & finishers working across Europe.

We specialise in super-yacht fairing & finishing work. Perfect finishing is guaranteed!

If you are a main contractor and you need to sub-contract the work please get in touch with us.

We have undertaken many super-yacht painting contracts in various locations in Europe.

We can set-up things within several weeks, and be ready to work at your site.

Skilled painting technicians & sub-contractors available to work anywhere in Europe.

Experienced & Skilled

World-class specialists in painting and fairing superyachts, vessels & industrial components.

Craftsmen with more than 17 years of work experience in painting & fairing metals, aluminium, GRP and Carbon components to a very high standards.

Skilled & mobile workforce working all over Europe.
Superyacht Finishing 100%
Marine Finishing 100%
Industrial Painting 96%
Paint Spraying 100%